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posted Oct 9

So this is what a sardine feels like.  Somewhere over Nebraska right now, hoping I land in time to catch my daughter’s volleyball match against Marin Catholic!

posted Oct 9

This federal support for sustainable local food efforts is good news for the North Coast!

He actually announced $220,000 in grants, but almost $90,000 of that is going to Humboldt County groups, including the Arcata Economic Development Corporation, Food for People and the Yurok Tribe. Here’s

posted Oct 9

Something remarkable, bipartisan, and constructive happened in the House of Representatives today, and it might be the answer for getting more things done in this dysfunctional congress.  Over 218 members from both parties (including me) signed a “discharge petition” to force a floor vote on reauthorizing the Export-Import bank which was allowed to lapse last month.  The Export-Import bank provides loans and loan guarantees for foreign buyers of US products.  Because there is such a low default rate, this financing program actually makes money for taxpayers—in addition to the thousands of American jobs it creates by boosting demand for all types of US products.  It’s always had bipartisan support until we got to THIS CONGRESS.  The Tea Party and Heritage Foundation folks hate the Export-Import bank because it’s, well, a government program.  All of those are bad, even ones that cost taxpayers nothing and do lots of good.  So House Republican leaders—against the wishes of most of their members—let it die without any votes or hearings.  Today, a bipartisan majority in the house struck back.  It’s a breath of fresh air and a sign that perhaps sensible, moderate Republicans will finally start standing up to the anti-government extremists that are blocking action on all sorts of issues in the House.  This may be necessary just to fulfill the bare minimum of governance in the chaotic weeks ahead.  House Republicans are so divided right now they cannot even select a leader.  If there is no speaker (a real possibility if this continues), or if a titular speaker like Boehner continues to be hamstrung by GOP radicals, then we could use discharge petitions to take action on all the major decisions facing the House.  It’s not ideal, but given the level of paralysis in the GOP caucus, we might get more things done without a speaker than with one.

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