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posted Jun 29

Thanks to everyone who just participated in my Facebook Q&A regarding gun violence.  Stay tuned for a Facebook Live Town Hall next week and more.

posted Jun 27

You could fill Facebook with examples of gun violence tragedies like this every single day.  Mentally ill people should not have guns.  Felons should not have guns.  People who are barred from flying in airplanes because they are suspected of terrorism should not have guns.  We must bring common sense to Congress on this issue.

The woman’s husband and the girls’ father watched the carnage unfold from afar. Friday was his birthday, neighbors told a local TV station. The father was uninjured, police said, but he was so distraught he was taken to a local hospital.

posted Jun 26

For anyone visiting Muir Woods, avoid peak periods (weekends and holidays) if you can, and take the Muir Woods shuttle instead of driving, if possible.  Transitioning to a new and efficient reservation system is going to take over a year, and parking spots along the road have been reduced to address traffic, safety and environmental impacts.  So don’t count on the old routine of just driving out to Muir Woods and waiting until a parking spot opens up on the road.  Plan ahead and thanks for your patience as we make changes that will be huge improvements over time.

The National Park Service will talk Monday about potential changes around the Muir Woods National Monument to improve parking, transit and pedestrian access — but things could get worse before they get better.Park officials are warning t

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