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posted Apr 24

Join me to stand against fast track and call for environmental protections in TPP:

Whether it’s protection against global threats to our climate, forests, wildlife, oceans or air quality, or enforcement of existing standards, the TPP falls short. The TPP is being negotiated in secret, and it’s crucial that all of us be allowed to see the whole agreement so that we can understand t…

posted Apr 17

My latest campaign newsletter and a petition you can sign to protest the deep environmental flaws in the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Something’s missing! April 16, 2015—You may have heard about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed trade agreement that many are concerned would imperil American… Read More

posted Apr 12

Very cool announcement video from Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s running for president because everyday Americans need a champion—and she wants to be that champion. Watch her announcement video to kick off the ca…

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