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posted Apr 16

Tonight, former Vice President Al Gore told me that he loved my climate change “mashup” video and was sharing it with others!  What an honor.  Here’s the video that has created all the buzz.  Hope you like it—and if so, please share!

Have you ever envisioned an alternate reality in which the majority of House Republicans not only accepted the reality of man-made climate change but also saw it as an urgent national priority? Now you can, thanks to this mashup from Rep. Jared Huffm…

posted Apr 16

Great report about offshore tax havens which some corporations are using to avoid paying U.S. taxes.  All of us pay when this happens.  According to CALPIRG, these offshore tax havens costs the average California taxpayer $1,783/year, and the average small business $4,827.  I’m proud to be cosponsor of the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act.

New report finds that corporate abuse of offshore tax havens is costing Californians billions of dollars, and individual taxpayers and smal business owners are the ones who end up footing th ebill

posted Apr 15

Big victory for our efforts to combat the environmental damage and safety issues caused by trespass marijuana grows.  The U.S. Sentencing Commission has adopted the stronger penalties I called for in my legislation (the PLANT Act).  While we work for a more coherent marijuana policy, which I believe includes de-criminalization, these new targeted penalties will help address the very serious environmental harm caused by trespass grows.

The U.S. Sentencing Commission announced Thursday, April 10, that it had adopted increased penalties for high-level offenders cultivating marijuana on trespassed private or public lands, as Reps.

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