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posted Aug 30

There has never been a “good” option for us in the Syrian civil war, but the course we are on is bad by any measure.  While we have succeeded in driving ISIL out of large swaths of Syria and Iraq, the Syrian civil war has only escalated into more bloodletting, tragedy and dysfunction, with no end in sight. The US now finds itself supporting three different groups (Free Syrian Army, Syrian Kurds, and Turkey) that are using our weapons to fight against each other.  None appear interesting in taking direction from us.  I have not heard a viable “solution” to this tragic conflict, but with so many of our strategic assumptions turning out to be wrong, it is clearly time to reevaluate and redirect.  If there are good ideas on this vexing subject, I welcome them.

Tensions mount a day after the Pentagon urged the U.S. allies to stop fighting each other.

posted Aug 30

This year just keeps getting weirder.

The former Texas governor will appear alongside rapper Vanilla Ice and Olympian Ryan Lochte.

posted Aug 30

Thank goodness Mylan is run by the daughter of Democratic US Senator Joe Manchin.  It’s surely a factor in getting the always-partisan House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to investigate Mylan’s EpiPen price gouging.  Whatever the motivation, we should welcome serious oversight and accountability on this!  Mylan’s recent token gestures—targeted discounts to gouge some consumers a little bit less—are too little too late.

Since the outcry over the EpiPen exploded last week, Mylan has offered two responses — it initially announced it would offer coupons to some consumers, and Monday morning said it will come out with a generic version of the product at half the cost.

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