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posted Feb 27

Tonight I joined my fellow Democrats in voting for a resolution calling for Donald Trump’s tax returns to be disclosed for review by the Ways & Means Committee—the same process that forced disclosure of Richard Nixon’s tax returns four decades ago.  To my surprise and disappointment, every single House Republican voted “no,” choosing to keep President Trump’s tax returns secret from the Congress and the American people.  Voters will decide in 2018 what they think of this, but in the meantime I’ll keep supporting efforts to bring President Trump’s tax returns and his connections to Russia and potentially other foreign governments into the light of day.

Democrats have called on President Trump to release his tax returns for months.

posted Feb 25

Appreciate this North Coast Journal piece on my huge town hall this week in Arcata.  Upcoming town halls in Sonoma and Marin have filled up with RSVP’s and we’re looking at larger venues.  We’ll keep scheduling as many as possible in every part of the district when I’m not in Washington.  I’m really impressed and energized by the positive engagement and active citizenship I see everywhere I go these days!

There were no shouting matches, angry jeers, seas of protest signs or calls for his ouster in 2018. Unlike the rancorous town halls some members…

posted Feb 24

A funny thing happened on the way to repealing the Affordable Care Act….

As congressional Republicans weigh options to replace the Affordable Care Act, support for the existing law has reached its highest level on record.

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