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posted Dec 17

Really gratified to have “organically” hit 5,000 likes on this FB page without the paid advertising and staff support you see on many politicians’ pages—it’s just me and you here!  Thanks to everyone who has liked this page over the past couple of years!

posted Dec 17

Historic good news today:  President Obama is ending a five-decade-long foreign policy disaster by opening the door to normalized relations with Cuba.  This wrongheaded policy has failed by any measure, and created widespread resentment toward the United States in our own hemisphere.  I’ve been to Cuba twice (as a member of the USA Volleyball team in 1987) and have always believed normalization of relations was the answer.  There is simply no downside to this common sense change of policy, and the upside is enormous for the Cuban people and for our own economic and security interests.  We have more work to do to repair decades of counterproductive policies in Latin America, but here’s to the possibility of a new era of trust and collaboration between the United States and our neighbors in this hemisphere.

posted Dec 16

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