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posted Jul 20

I’ll never forget this year’s Democratic Caucus Retreat when VP Joe Biden, still reeling from his son’s death from cancer, spoke directly with my friend Rep. Mark Takai (Hawaii) who had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  They embraced a few seconds after this photo was taken, and there was not a dry eye in the house.  I thought immediately of that poignant moment when I heard the sad news today that Congressman Takai has died.  Mark was an incredible thoughtful, likeable guy who was so thrilled to serve in Congress.  Rest in peace my friend.

posted Jul 20

Climate change deniers, please take note!

While El Niño may be partially behind rising temperatures, NASA says greenhouse gases are the main culprit.

posted Jul 19

I have a nice blue cast for my broken ankle, and an email from a tennis friend that is too funny not to share….  He writes that with my ankle injury, I’ll now have time to watch gavel-to gavel coverage of the Republican National Convention where I will learn the following:  1) How Hillary Clinton is responsible for your accident 2) How, under Obamacare, your family had to convince the hospital death panel that your ankle was worth repairing and that you should be taken off end of life care. 3) How hordes of illegal immigrants were crowding the emergency room and you had to wait days before being tended to. 4) That ISIS is able to target the ankles of members of congress because the President is unwilling to say ‘radical…..’ 5) That the cast on your ankle was made in China solely because of faulty trade deals negotiated by democrats. 6) That if you had been carrying a concealed weapon you could have prevented this ankle breaking tragedy from occurring. Thanks everyone for the good wishes, and especially to Jim Eichenberger for the hilarious email today! JH

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