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posted Aug 29

Historic vote in Sacramento today—major groundwater reform has now passed both houses of the legislature!  As chair of the water committee in the Assembly, my staff and I convened a series of hearings that helped set the stage for these reforms.  At the time, some said our push for a state groundwater policy and regulatory framework would never happen.  This critical drought changed the politics, and a great group of advocates, legislators and staff is now bringing it across the finish line.  California will benefit from this much needed reform for generations to come.  Bravo!

posted Aug 29

For the record, I love President Obama’s tan suit and I have one just like it!

posted Aug 28

Here’s a first:  I read this article in the Wall St. Journal and found myself agreeing with its critique of the reactive, veering interventionism that often drives our foreign policy.  Then I noticed it was written by, wait for it…  Rand Paul.  Nice article Senator Paul!

In The Wall Street Journal, Rand Paul says that our Middle Eastern policy is unhinged, flailing about to see who to act against next, with little regard to consequences.

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