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posted Jan 22

In the spirit of bipartisanship, I’ll defer to what three prominent REPUBLICANS had to say about President Trump’s dismal, divisive inaugural address: GEORGE WILL:  “Oblivious to the moment and the setting, the always remarkable Trump proved that something dystopian can be strangely exhilarating: In what should have been a civic liturgy serving national unity and confidence, he vindicated his severest critics by serving up reheated campaign rhetoric about ‘rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape’ and an education system producing students ‘deprived of all knowledge.’ Yes, all…. Living down to expectations, he had delivered THE MOST DREADFUL INAUGURAL ADDRESS IN HISTORY.” MICHAEL GERSON:  “Trump has only one style of leadership—amplify resentments to intimidate opponents and force change….  It is truly shocking how disconnected this speech was from inaugural history.  AN INAUGURAL FOR RED AMERICA ALONE… Trump brought the culture war to the solemn, center stage of American democracy, and cheapened the office and the moment.” PETER WEHNER:  Trump’s inaugural speech was notable for its “disconnect from reality,” writes the former Bush adviser.  “Start with what he referred to as the ‘American carnage’ — a dystopian nation, broken and shattered. America has problems for sure, including deep pockets of poverty and distress, but TRUMP’S AMERICA IS NOT THE REAL AMERICA.”

posted Jan 21

Some great moments from a busy day marching, speaking up, and standing in solidarity with women and those who respect women.  In the North Bay, San Francisco and all over the country, we made a positive, peaceful, powerful statement today that we are not going backward!

posted Jan 21

Proud to march in solidarity with women today—including speaking to over 5,000 at the Sonoma Women’s March and hundreds of Marin women and men boarding busses and ferries for the big rally in SF.  I even donned a pussycat hat given to me by a constituent in Ukiah yesterday.  #LoveTrumpsHate

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