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posted Mar 25

Huge victory with so much at stake yesterday!  Thank you to everyone who raised your voice as part of the grassroots chorus that changed the narrative and the outcome on this critical issue.  You made it real:  instead of grandstanding about repealing “Obamacare,” members of Congress were forced to address the reality of what would happen under their ill-conceived plan:  24 million people losing insurance coverage, skyrocketing costs for older Americans, weakening of Medicare, and the proliferation of scam insurance “plans” that don’t provide coverage when people need it.  Now, it’s time to lay out a positive vision for improving the Affordable Care Act.  That includes the authority to negotiate with drug companies to lower costs, a public option and other strategies to increase competition in rural areas, Medicaid expansion in every state, early buy-in to Medicare, and more.  If Pres. Trump and the Republican Congress are so cynical that they would try to sabotage our healthcare system to shift blame for their failures, they should prepare for more flaming defeats.  The American people will hold them accountable for what happens on their watch, and there will be a clear choice in 2018 on which party is ready and able to govern.

Many North Coast residents on Friday breathed a sigh of relief, celebrating a reprieve for a health care policy they support and a major political loss for an administration they vocally oppose.

posted Mar 24

As I listen to Sean Spicer repeat over and over that Pres. Trump “did absolutely everything” to pass a healthcare bill, I’m trying not to throw a shoe at the TV.  Neither Trump nor any member of the House GOP reached out to Democrats.  Not a single conversation.  They tried “everything” to appease the crazy Freedom Caucus and came up with a bill that makes the ACA and healthcare in general a lot worse, not better.  That’s why they deserve the flaming defeat that is coming their way in the next few hours.

posted Mar 24

Across the country, across party lines, people think GOP Trumpcare bill is a bad deal and should be defeated.

A key caveat: Public counts are overwhelmingly from Democratic representatives.

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