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posted May 26

Good summary by the Marin IJ of our public meeting tonight to discuss a proposed solution to the Muir Woods parking/traffic problems.

A plan to tackle the Muir Woods parking problem received a generally positive reaction at a Mill Valley meeting Tuesday night.Rep. Jared Huffman has come up with a seven-year plan to eliminate parking on a road near Muir Woods and to establish

posted May 26

Imagine how surreal and horrifying it must be for Jason Rezaian and his family—my constituents—to deal with this sham being perpetrated by the Islamic Republic of Iran.  I will keep pushing for his unconditional release.  He is an innocent journalist being used as a pawn by a cynical and repressive regime.

Judge presiding over Rezaian’s case is so bad he was blacklisted by EU for show trial death sentences.

posted May 26

Great turnout in Mill Valley tonight for our community meeting regarding parking and traffic solutions at Muir Woods.  Thanks to all who attended, especially the members of my ad hoc advisory group who worked hard for 6 months to develop a very promising solution to this longstanding problem!

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