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posted Apr 27

The Pope v. The Koch Brothers!  I can’t wait for the Pope to address a joint session of Congress later this year.  Sorry folks - I have only one gallery pass and my wife has claimed it!  It’s going to be priceless when he tells the GOP climate deniers they have a moral and religious duty to do something about climate change.  Maybe that message will finally get through to Catholic climate deniers like Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Marco Rubio and a long list of others?

An effort by the pope to further the issue of climate change and environmental stewardship is already angering some thinkers on the American right.

posted Apr 27

It’s past time to get rid of the Postal Service’s old gas-guzzling fleet of clunkers and replace them with a cutting-edge fuel-efficient fleet.  That’s why I have reintroduced the FLEET Act to drive this change.  Glad that USPS is taking steps it the right direction but we’ll need to keep the pressure on.

As USPS gears up for fleet overhaul, members of Congress push for greener vehicles.

posted Apr 27

Enjoyed another “Coffee with your Congressman” Town Hall meeting today in Healdsburg.  We had a good turnout and a far-ranging discussion of issues.  Thanks to all who attended, and to Shed for providing a great venue!  More coffee town halls coming—Novato on May 5th and Corte Madera on May 8th!  Contact my Marin office at (415) 258-9657 for details.

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