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posted Sep 1

Still waiting for Iran’s decision on Jason Rezaian.

Iran’s treatment of The Post reporter violates its own laws.

posted Aug 31

Good for Pres. Obama.  It was extreme arrogance to name Denali “Mt. McKinley” in the first place, so let’s fix the mistake.  Alaskans call it Denali, so how about deference to states as my GOP colleagues usually demand?  Not to Ohio, but to the state that actually has the mountain.  Pres. McKinley never even visited Alaska.  If we must name Denali after an Anglo-American since we paid all that money for “Seward’s folly,” how about the great naturalist Charles Sheldon who fought to protect the mountain as a national park?  Oh yeah, Sheldon wanted it to be called Denali too.

Shrinking glaciers, Arctic temperatures and a mix of messy energy politics await President Barack Obama as he begins his historic trip to Alaska.

posted Aug 30

Throwing the first pitch at today’s San Rafael Pacific’s game at Albert Park!  A last rite of summer.

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