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posted May 2

Very special honor, being inducted into the UCSB Gaucho Athletics Hall of Fame this weekend!  Fun to share the stage with other great inductees, including the legendary 1974 Gaucho volleyball team that won the US championship, the 2006 national champion soccer team, Major League All-Star Michael Young, and All-American swimmer Marci Fuller.  Go Gauchos!

posted May 2

This editorial is spot-on.  Rest assured that I’ll continue leading the fight in Congress against this massive federal giveaway to the powerful Westlands Water District.

When the public is railing about the unfairness of Big Bank bailouts and corporate welfare, why is the Obama administration pursuing a deal that gives away California water — a resource as precious as oil — to a San Joaquin Valley water agency? A proposed legal settlement would wipe off the federal…

posted May 2

They’re not for everyone, but pigs can be interesting pets.  I visited friends in Santa Barbara this weekend and met Hamlette, who is quite charming if you get to know her (especially if she thinks you have food).  This 140-pound eating machine started out two years ago as one of those cute little piglets that fits in a purse.

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