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posted Nov 21

Good news for now.  California’s over-allocated, drought-reduced water supply is a complex subject affecting every region of the state.  It won’t work for members of Congress to start secretly carving it up and picking winners and losers with a small group of Delta exporters calling the shots.  However, I remain willing and eager to work with any member of congress on a fair, inclusive and responsible congressional drought response in January.

A bunch of Northern California House members are relieved that U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has pulled the plug on closed-door negotiations over a California water bill.

posted Nov 19

Amen!  We are drifting further into a long, costly, nebulous military quagmire without any meaningful debate or votes in Congress.  This is not OK!

Though the U.S. is fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria, our elected leaders continue to shirk their constitutional responsibility.

posted Nov 19

I introduced a bill yesterday to require the nonpartisan CBO to give a carbon score to proposed legislation, just as they give a fiscal score.  We can’t afford to continue making policy decisions without considering the effects, costs, and opportunities associated with climate change.

Three House Democrats have proposed legislation that would require the Congressional Budget Office to produce a “carbon score” for legislation, in the same way CBO creates a budget score for bills. Under the bill from Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.), CBO would “estimate and report the projected carbon…

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