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posted Jun 26

For anyone visiting Muir Woods, avoid peak periods (weekends and holidays) if you can, and take the Muir Woods shuttle instead of driving, if possible.  Transitioning to a new and efficient reservation system is going to take over a year, and parking spots along the road have been reduced to address traffic, safety and environmental impacts.  So don’t count on the old routine of just driving out to Muir Woods and waiting until a parking spot opens up on the road.  Plan ahead and thanks for your patience as we make changes that will be huge improvements over time.

The National Park Service will talk Monday about potential changes around the Muir Woods National Monument to improve parking, transit and pedestrian access — but things could get worse before they get better.Park officials are warning t

posted Jun 26

Right wing media is buzzing today about “exposing” the “huge secret” that 26 Democrats who participated in the gun violence sit-in last week actually own guns, including me.  They say this is hypocrisy.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  It shows that the groundswell of support for commonsense gun violence reforms includes not only people who hate guns and refuse to own them, but also reasonable gun owners—and even some gun enthusiasts like my colleague Mike Thompson (D-St. Helena) who is an avid hunter.  The truth is, even a majority of NRA members support the reforms we are demanding (“No fly, no buy,” closing loopholes in background check system, and allowing public health research on gun violence).  Wake up gun lobby, you are the hypocrites!  Even gun owners think you are wildly out of touch.  (BTW, I don’t mind being identified as a gun owner but it’s probably a stretch.  I own an old shotgun I inherited from my father.  I haven’t fired it in 30 years, but I answered truthfully on a USA Today questionnaire that asked about gun ownership.  This information was never a “secret.”)

What utter hypocrisy. As the Democrats staged a faux sit-in on the House floor to protest not getting their way on gun control, they had a little secret they were

posted Jun 25

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